Sulden am Ortler

As photographers we have all been there; Waking up one morning excited to document the world around us but finding that the creative juices simply aren’t flowing as freely as we would like them to be. It feels like trying to swim up stream and the more you try to think yourself into a creative state, the worse it becomes. At times like these I find it helpful to turn to the wisdom of those who have come before us, the past masters of the photographic art form who paved the paths we walk today. 


Born in 1902, Ansel Easton Adam would become the most celebrated landscape photographer of his generation, a passionate environmentalist who’s black and white landscapes of the American West are still believed to be amongst the finest ever created. There are few voices on the subject of taking photographs that carry as much weight as that of Ansel Adams, and few that provide such a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.  

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